Speakeasy 2013

What do you get when a bunch of art majors put on a party? A themed gala of epic proportions, complete with flapper dresses, live jazz, 10 wine barrels, and a chocolate fountain. Speakeasy 2013 was Club 34's seventh annual Art Gala, a social event put on by the Cal Poly Art & Design Department each spring. As the event director, I oversaw all branches of the planning committee, including print and promotion, food, venue, entertainment, and sales.

Event Chair: Katie Witkop
Event Director: Melanie Lapovich
Art Director: Lydia Baik
Design and Photography: Josiah PakAllie Rogge, Dillon Robertson, Reid Vizcarra
Event Photographers: Anya McInroyCody Howell


Event Photography by Anya McInroy